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Oct 02, 2008 at 03:31 PM

Subscription to events in GOS not works in MM0X Transaction


Dear Folks,

i'm sorry to get on your nerves but i have another question today:

I created a BO Z_BUS1001 as subtype to BO BUS1001 (with delegation) and created a new event CHANGED which is triggered by an update (with change documents). This works and i can see the event in SWEL.

What i am now planning to do is that the user can subscribe to an object-instance.

So i created a linkage in SWE2 like it is described for event BUS1001.CHANGED

Receiver Call Function Module

Receiver Function Module SGOSSUB_REC_FB_SEND_MAIL

Check Function Module SGOSSUB_CHECK_FB

After that i maintained an entry in SGOSSUB and checked the field "Subscription".

But i cannot access subscription in TA MM03 via GOS.

Someone knows the issue?