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Finding field names in ECC standard LO extractors

Nov 02, 2016 at 09:24 AM


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Hi All,

I have a requirement where i have been given the names of some 50 fields which have to be included in a cube. No technical names of the fields are given. The only information is that these come from 2lis_03_bf datasource.

I am manually trying to search for each field name in the maintainance screen and trying to fit it to my requirement, i find this very tedious. Please let me know if this is the norm or if there is any better way to find my fields in the datasource.

Also the 'find' button in the maintainance screen always shows the result to be unsuccessful even if there is a match.

I had searched the question and answeres session on this,there are so many pages on ecc to bw mapping, but mine is,i need to find the fields in the DS in ecc from my requirement doc.

Please help.



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Hi All,

Waiting for you valuable inputs. please help.



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Raman Korrapati Nov 03, 2016 at 09:20 AM


please check table - RSOSFIELDAMP in bw side.

Above tables contains ECC fields and related bw info objects specific to data source.

please use following selections while seeing the data from above table.

OLTPSOURCE = 2lis_03_bf.

But Lis data source are standard. you no need to search for fields, please check your data source at ECC side Tx - RSA5,RSA6 and LBWE.

to know your data source fields, you can check from RSA6(After data source activation from RSA5 , Data source will be visible at RSA6).

ECC Side table - ROOSFIELD.


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Thanks much. but my problem is not mapping between bw and ecc. I have the requirement document where i have been given some 50 fields which i have to choose in the ecc from a ds. just wanted to know if manually searching of each field is the only option? So field mapping takes a lot of time right? is this normal in every project?


Hi Sofie,

As per your thread, your data source is 2lis_03_bf, if that is right which will suits your needs then nothing to search about fields.

please go to data source and see the fields which it contains and compare with your requirement.

if it suits then do the prerequisites and do the test load at RSA3.

later check the data output with client and continue the rest of things if its fine.

i hope you are familiar with extractors.