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Oct 02, 2008 at 07:49 AM

Selecting Specific Batch Numbered Items for a Pick List


Just wondered if anyone has found a viable workaround for this in SBO? I know SBO doesn't allow this by default.

The challenge I've got is that I have batched stock sitting in a warehouse and need to tell the picker which batches he should pick to fulfill a sales order already sitting in the system.

The goods are getting into stock from the production/manufacturing process via a Goods Receipt. (No Production Orders are being used)

Sales Orders are already sitting in the system waiting for the manufacturing process to produce the goods.

Does anyone have any ideas how I could possibly resolve this?

If currently working with this:-

Using the Batch Number Transaction Report I'm updating the "Batch Attribute 2" field with the Sales Order Number for each Batch I would like picked for that Sales Order.

I then re-run the Batch Number Transaction Report but filter it now using the Sales Order number in the Batch Attribute 2 field.

This gives me a list of batches which I can then print for the pickers.

Using the PLD I can re-format the report layout to look like a picking list.

I have to re-do all this work (ie: select the batches again) when I actually produce the delivery document.

If less where picked (they could not fit on the lorry) the Batch Number Transaction Report needs to be updated manually again.