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Oct 02, 2008 at 06:57 AM

Outputting main window content twice on the same page


Can anyone help me with this scenario?

A page is equally divided into 3 horizontal parts. The center one

is the cheque. The above window is a variable window and below

one is the main window. Both these windows should contain the

same invoice data of the cheque. The above one is considered as

receipt and is given to the vendor.

Now the problem is multiple line items are visible on the main window with their

corresponding amounts but the same content when copied onto the

variable window is not populating and only the last entry is

visible. I have to have all the line items populated on above

window also in the same way as it appears on main window.

I have modified the print program so that every time WRITE_FORM writes to the main window, it also writes to the variable window which is an exact copy of the main one.