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core dump file generated

Apr 18 at 04:39 AM


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Hello I am new to IT and SAP world

I need to create a procedure manual of how to break down into details when core dump file generates in SAP system.

Before starting, I have to know what is exactly core dump file. Why it is generated and when in details that a dummy like me can understand.

I know that a process dumps core when it is terminated by the operating system due to a fault in the program.

Can you give me more details and even possible clues to break down into details when a coredump file is generated?..

Our system is AIX 7.1

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2 Answers

Raquel Gomez
Apr 25 at 09:10 AM

Hi Munkhzaya,

As you correctly mentioned, signals are messages from the operating system to running processes. These signals are values from 1 to about 50 (this depends on the platform).
The OS sends a signal <nr> to the triggering process, which then writes a 'core' file.
The core file essentially contains a mapping of the storage contents of the process at the time of the termination. A C-stack is
included in the core file. The C-stack returns the present call sequence for the active C-functions of the triggering process.

On SAP system, normally you can also find a SYSTEM_CORE_DUMPED that contains also the c-stack of the involved functions. It also shows involved user, program, application server, work process number,
and so on.
Note "2162346 - SYSTEM_CORE_DUMP : How to analyze it " explains how to read those dumps, and how to identify which was the function that caused this dump.
You need to use a debugger tool (dbx for AIX) in order to extract the C-stack from the core file depending of the platform where the system runs.


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Former Member Apr 30 at 11:37 AM

Dear Munkhzaya,

These core files are created when a work process crashes.These core are large in size and can result in file system overflow in some cases.The dump of the core file can be obtained in the directory /usr/sap/<SID>/<Instance>/work.



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