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Syntax for many statement in condition in dependency Procedures

Apr 17 at 10:34 PM


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Hello all,

Iam writing dependency, but I cannot save dependency. When writing the dependency the system is throwing a syntax error. Please advice further.

11.png (33.0 kB)
12.png (28.4 kB)
12.png (28.4 kB)
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1 Answer

flavio ciotola Apr 18 at 07:50 AM

Hi Tuan Anh,

Could you please tell us the format of the Z_CAO_KHUNG characteristic?

Is it NUM (Numeric Format)? Or, is it CHAR (Character Format)?

This could help in identifying the reason for the syntax error.

Thank you and best regards,


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Dear Flavio Ciotola,

Z_CAO_KHUNG characteristic is numberic format.

If I had try deleting "and Z_MB_DC = 'AH300/500' and Z_CHIEU_RONG <=3", Syntax was correct.

Or I had try deleting "Z_KIEU_KHUNG_TRUC = 'KN' and Z_MB_DC = 'AH300/500;", Syntax was correct.

After syntax "IF", If I only had one statement and no have "and + statement", Syntax would be correct.

But it is wrong with my ideal.

Please advice further.


Dear Tuan Anh,
Thank you for your reply.
The code should then be Okay.

What I further noted in your last screen-shot is that the transaction used for the dependency (procedure) creation seems not the usual CU01 / CU02. Looks like instead the one for dependency net (CU21/CU22).
Could you please check this? I believe you should use CU01 / CU02.

Thank you and best regards,



Thanks all,

I have found problem: Number of once Syntax line < = 20 character. If syntax line >20 character, we have to enter line.

Who can explain for me about this infomation?