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Several issues implementing Fiori My Inbox app

I am working on implementing the My Inbox Fiori app. I am having several issues. They may or may not be related. Here is what is installed on my Fiori frontend system:

My backend system is EHP 7 for SAP ERP 6.0 SPS 11.

The first issue is:

When I enter the Launchpad URL,


the following logon screen pops up (this is not the standard Fiori logon screen with the flower on it):

Behind the logon popup is the following error message popup:

I enter the User Name and Password and click on “OK”.The Error popup is still there, so I click on OK. It then goes to the blue Fiori Launchpad screen:

At this point, none of the controls work. If I click on the Person icon or Home > Navigation menu, nothing happens. If I then hit “Refresh” or F5 in the browser, it goes to the user’s home screen in the launchpad:

Everything works fine after that.

The second issue is that when I “Sign Out” of Fiori, it does not sign me out.The Sign Out popup comes up:

When I click on OK, it is like I just entered the Launchpad URL again.The ”Failure – Unable to Load Groups” popup comes us again.

Now when I click on OK, it opens the Fiori Launchpad, but again, the controls don’t work until I hit Refresh (F5). This time it doesn’t ask me for the User Name and Password. I am still logged in as the previous user. If I close the browser and go to the Launchpad URL again, it then asks me to log in again.

I have tried this in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and the Fiori app and the behavior is the same in all of those environments.

My questions are:

1. Why don’t I get the normal Fiori logon screen with the flower on it?

2. Why do I get the ”Failure – Unable to Load Groups” popup when I first go to the Fiori Launchpad URL?

3. Why do I have to Refresh after getting into the Launchpad before anything will work?

4. Why doesn’t the Sign Out function actually sign me out and keeps looping me back into the Launchpad without having to sign in?

I appreciate any help you can give.


pic-1.png (48.5 kB)
pic-2.png (31.7 kB)
pic-3.png (27.7 kB)
pic-4.png (4.4 kB)
pic-5.png (13.5 kB)
pic-5.png (13.5 kB)
pic-6.png (33.5 kB)
pic-7.png (5.5 kB)
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3 Answers

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    Apr 27, 2018 at 02:51 AM

    2. Why do I get the ”Failure – Unable to Load Groups” popup when I first go to the Fiori Launchpad URL? Check if all the Launchpad Odata services are activated in SICF and are registered in Frontend system (transaction : /n/iwfnd/maint_service)

    Check section : Procedure, in above link

    Also please provide below :

    Login to Chrome browser, Enter the URL, Click F12 and open network tab. Now hit refresh. All the backend and frontend services and UI libraries will load. Check the red ones (which are error) . Provide screenshot for those URL.



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  • Apr 19, 2018 at 06:50 PM


    Regarding your issues, please follow the following:

    1. Please access this WIKI and download the PDF for part 1 and part2
    2. In Part 1 under Chapter 3, you will see how to configure the login screen

      Note: You can go through part 1 to compare what you have configured it matches
    3. To do the logout, please refer to this KBA,
    4. About the error of the loading the groups, please check these KBAs:
    5. This is a white paper that shows you how to configure My Inbox

    I hope this help solve your issues.

    Thank you

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  • Apr 26, 2018 at 09:45 PM

    Hi Ali,

    Thank you for the information. I have made some progress. I checked everything you suggested and everything seems to be configured correctly in our system. I then imported the logon ticket from the frontend system into the backend system with transaction SSO2. Now the correct Fiori logon screen comes up when I go to the URL and when I Sign Out of Fiori, the Fiori Logon screen comes up and lets me log on again.

    Thanks for your help,


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