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Oct 02, 2008 at 03:03 AM

MDM - Portal Integration scenario ...


I am new in the MD area.

We have over 500000 vendor records and we are planning to load these data manually by using the import Manager then do the de-duplication process manually in the MD Data Manager.

Once it is in the On-going/Steady state stage , we are planning to use the portal to create/modify vendors.

Could anybody explain how the MD Portal integration with the sequence of vendor creation and change process woks?. What about email notification between the requester and the data steward?

I am assuming the sequence of operation may be like this:

Requester entering the data in the portal and requesting approval from the Data steward, Data Steward approves it, then it crates the vendor record in the MD etc.

Anybody explain this in little more detail as the operational or user point of view?