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Oct 01, 2008 at 11:17 PM

Commitment report for limit order - by period


I am not sure whether this query should falls under this category or Finance. So, please let me know if you think that this question should be moved to the Finance section.

Anyway, my query is I have created a limit/framework purchase order from period 01.10.2008 to 31.11.2008. The delivery date is set to 01.10.2008 by default by the system. When I run the cost center commitment report for period 01.10.2008 to 31.11.2008, I can see the commitments for this PO. However, if I change the period to be from 01.11.208 to 31.11.2008, the commitments are no longer shown on the report. It seems that the system is using the delivery date as the date to show the commitments. Is it correct to say that this is standard behavior? Is there a way to show the commitments running through the validity period set in the PO rather than by the delivery date? Anyone has other options relating to this?

Interested to hear your comments on this.