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Apr 17, 2018 at 05:04 PM

EPM Report - Node without few members


Hi Friends,

EPM Addin - 10.1/SP28

The data in our existing reports is at node level -

Example Account- Revenue Node in row and time in Column

We have a temporary requirement to show the account node-Revenue but it should not show data for certain accounts(new) in the node. Those excluded accounts will be filtered by a property in account dimension - called account group. This account group property is only populated to the base level account members.

In the report editor if I add dynamic filter like Revenue - Member only + account group <> "XXXX" then it does not exclude those accounts, as Revenue node by itself does not have any acct group

If I add Revenue - Base level + account group <> "XXXX" then I get the data I want, but I get all the base level members.

Users want to see one line Revenue (excluding the accounts) not all base level accounts in the report.

Is there a way other than creating another report with base llevel and referencing to the cells.

Thanks for your time.