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Former Member
Oct 01, 2008 at 08:53 PM

CR XI SQL Server Database Location Change


I am having a problem changing the database location for reports created with a development SQL Server database. The reports get distributed to customers and need to access their production database. The reports don't change from customer to customer, they're provided as "canned" reports. The database structure is identical to the development database (only the server/database name are changed) and I am using integrated security, so the only thing that really needs to be set is the server/database name (although in my code I set the integrated security property to true anyway). It is a vb6 app using the cr xi viewer control and SQL Server 2000/2005. When I change the server/database (for the report and any subreports in it) and try to view the report, I get a "Failed to retrieve data from the database (Database Vendor Code 208)" error from the viewer. The odd thing is, if I start with a development report that linked to a MS Access database, I don't have the problem. I can set up the SQL Server connection properties and the report works on any SQL Server database. It only happens when I'm using a development report that was created using a SQL Server database. I would like to get away from MS Access as the data source since it means maintaining another database (even if it is just for development). Is there any way around this problem? I've searched the forums and have tried all the suggestions I found there but nothing works.