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Oct 01, 2008 at 07:17 PM

Business Process Flows


In order to use the BPF one must make use of the Owner and Reviewer Property within the Entity Dimension. However, to each BPF we add USERS or GROUP. I was wondering what the relation was between the User/Groups we add and those who review something as part of the process. In a simple BPF, the setup would be that there are two Users:

- UserA (Owner)

- UserB (Reviewer)

I'm assuming that UserA as part of the BPF can be setup to input data in a particular template and change the Step to "Completed". UserB would then be setup to review the data via another report. UserB would at that time be able to set the Step to "Reviewed". If UserB reviews and is not happy, is there a way to "reject" and send it back to UserA? Also can we have more than 1 reviewer for a particular entity, as in can we have a UserC also review the same entity as a third step?

Is UserA and UserB owner/reviewer status driven off the property from the Entity dimension?