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Oct 01, 2008 at 05:46 PM

Crystal Reports Server 2008 (Linux) - Crystal Reports/MySQL/ODBC Issue



I have successfully installed CRS '08 on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 server. All services run fine.

In the CMC, I have uploaded a Crystal Report that connect to a remote MySQL server.

I have installed the My SQL ODBC 3.51.11 and .12 Drivers as a System DSN.

I have proven that the reports run fine in Crystal Reports 2008 directly against the remote MySQL DB server.

(in Windows but with the same 3.51 ODBC Drivers)

I have also proven that the database connection works okay from the CRS '08 Red Hat server to the remote MySQL DB server, when also creating a system DSN (using bash ./ODBCConfig)

The problem is that when I log into the CMC or InfoView, and when I run the Crystal Reports from there, I get an error message:

"Error in File <MyCrystalReport>: Failed to load database information"

Is there something wrong with my specific Crystal Reports' Database Configuration? (Right click- Database Configuration)

I see the driver was registered correctly in the /etc/odbc.ini file

Am I supposed to set any other ODBC environment variables?

Is there are firewall issue (port 3306 is already open)?

In summary, the install was successful, and Crystal Reports can be uploaded and viewed via CMC or InfoView, but I cannot run the Crystal Reports against the database.

Please advise, Thanks!