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Oct 01, 2008 at 02:29 PM

long time compression of infocube.


Hi Gurus!

I have big problem. In one infocube we have too many uncompress reguests (approx 40 000). When i try compress this infocube everything is OK but compresiion take too much time. When I check this job in SM37 it can be seen that problem is in subproccess ALTER TABLE <table name - it is F fact table of infocube> DROP PARTITION <name of partition - /BIC/F<cubename000000000x>>. Time duration of ALTERING table is aproxx. 4 minutes for one partition and this is big problem because I think that amount of request is equal amount of partiton of F fact table of corresponding infocube.(in my case 40000req x 4min...........)

What can i do for improve PERFORMANCE of compression.

Thank you for all answers!


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