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Oct 01, 2008 at 12:50 PM

ICR - File Upload, FBICRC_S_UPLOAD is missing


Dear experts,

I want to expand the Data Selection Process of ICR to manual file upload.

I also read the following thread, which explains how to involve Companies via file import.

Thread: IC reconciliation process with file import

Problem 1:

In this thread its mentioned that I could use the delivered structure FBICRC_S_UPLOAD.

But unfortunately this structure is missing in my system.

Has somebody an explanation for this?

Problem 2:

Alternative I used structure FBICRC_S_SELECT_003 for the manual company.

But when I want to upload a file during data selection, the process displays me that "Buchungskreis" is missing in the file. But when I take a look at the structure FBICRC_S_SELECT_003 no field is named "Buchungskreis".

Does somebody has an explanation for this behaviour?

Thank you in advance for all answeres