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Create A New Tab in a Tabstrip using Scripting

Apr 16 at 07:34 PM


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Hi Together,

when I try to create a new tab inside a tabstrip using scripting and when I run the application I get an error message, which says: "Cannot create into TABSTRIP. To successfully perform a create action, you must create into a container inside the Tab."

I do not understand this message. How can I create a container inside the tab, when the tab doesn't exist yet?

Here's my code, maybe this helps to solve the issue.

gGroupsTabstrip = COMPONENTS.createComponent(ComponentType.Tabstrip, PANEL_1);
COMPONENTS.createComponent(ComponentType.Tab, gGroupsTabstrip);

Thanks for your help in advance!


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Hi Simon - I don't have an answer, but I am curious as to why you want to use scripting to create a new tab...


Because I want to group a view and the number of the groups can vary in the future. So I'd like to create the tabs in the tabstrip dynamically.

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Hi - i face the same issue. Did you find a solution yet? Thanks


No, unfortunately I didn't find and answer until now.

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