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How to reset Ended test Flag in Solman 7.2? Tester Worklist

Apr 16 at 04:42 PM


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User has flagged the "Test Ended" flag in a Test, and he needs to restart this step. We're using the Solman 7.2 SP3.

Could someone tell me how to restart a test step.


O Usuário marcou o Flag de Teste Finalizado em um Teste, e precisa reiniciar esta etapa. Estamos com o Solman 7.2 SP3.

Alguém poderia me informar como reiniciar uma etapa nos testes.

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1 Answer

Rob Kading Apr 17 at 05:24 AM


Once you've saved the test execution, just re-enter (in edit mode, save , edit again) and then remove the tick in the "Test Ended" checkbox.

Regards, Rob

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Hello Rob, thanks for the answer.

But It's not possible to remove the flag. The system show me the message "This test case is in a sequence and is marked as 'test ended'"(SMT_TPCK 086)

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Hi Marcello
OK, I didn't factor in that the test was attached to a sequence. Have the subsequent tests been started yet? (I haven't tried this yet myself, but could you set the status of subsequent tests to "Untested" and work backwards till you can edit the step you needed to change)?

Regards, Rob