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CMC Custom attributes and USERFULLNAME

Apr 16 at 11:53 AM


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We have ADautentication in BI4.2 SP3, and the USERFULLNAME gets populated with the ADattribute "CN". The problem in our case, is that the userid and the userfullname is exactly the same. This is due to problems in AD...
If the userid is xxxyyy, then the userfullname will also be xxxyyy.

The attribute that we want to map to USERFULLNAME, is the ADattribute "displayName"

I'm testing using the CMC Custom attributes, and creates Name=USERFULLNAME, Internal_Name=SI_USERFULLNAME, using "Displayname" as ADattribute.

Nearly everything works :)

When viewing the properties of a user, the Fullname has been populated correctly.
When logging in to BI Launchpad, the Fullname is shown correctly.
When using the new CMSdriver, the Fullname is shown correctly.

The only thing that doesnt work, is when viewing "Users and Groups" via "user list" in CMC, the Name and Fullname is still the same on screen!

Is this some kind of bug? Any insight is appreciated.



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2 Answers

Joe Peters Apr 16 at 01:34 PM

We have the same problem, and I opened an incident for this a couple of years ago. I was told that the behavior is "by design".

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Tim Ziemba
Apr 17 at 01:23 AM

It is by design unfortunately, I'm actually surprised you got as many of the options as you did using the custom attribute. Generally the rule of thumb is the custom attributes would need to be accessed using SDK and in the less customizable CMC it would only pull the built in values.

We don't get a lot of request involving the built in full name option, it would take a modification to the code to allow that value to be changed which would probably solve you issue. I'm not sure of the complexity of a fix like that though it would be best to try to get some votes on the new site 1st.


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