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Oct 01, 2008 at 09:03 AM

Customer Exit IMRC0001 for condition based preventive maintenance


Dear Experts,

I am using customer Exit IMRC0001 for creating maintenance order if my measuring point reading exeeds the thresold value or it is out of the upper and lower limit range , which i have set for that particular Measuring point.

This scenario is working fine if i am creating measuring point with unit *C (Degree centigrade-Temp).

But it is not working fine for measuring point having unit other then *C

Like : Kg/Cmsq, Bar, Run Hr, Vaccum, voltage, current, consumption etc

The Reason for this i have found out.The logic return in the program only considers the *C unit

Say if i set 50c as my target value in Measuring point*

In Table IMPTT the value is getting stored as 50 + 273.15 = 323.15

But if i enter 5 Ohm as my target value in Measring point

In Table IMPTT the value is getting stored as 5 only.

Target Value field name is DESIR

So i want to know why for some units the same value is getting stored and why for some units value with some formula getting stored.


Amar Jadhav