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Memory Allocation Failed, column store error, search table error

Apr 16 at 07:37 AM


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For Hana 2.0 SPS02 rev 23 256 GB license. Lumria Server 1.31 Add-on BI platform 4.2 SPS 05.

I am getting what seems like very High Memory usage on my Hana Server. Can someone please tell me how to debug and optimize ? I did a HDB stop/start as well as machine reboot. My large join queries in Lumira are failing due to HDB i believe.

Thanks for your insight,


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A great starting point for such questions are the HANA documentation and the SAP notes around memory management.

I highly recommend to get a grip on the concepts of SAP HANA first as any analysis will build on these.

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2 Answers

Michael Healy
Jun 13 at 09:02 AM

Are you getting some out of memory dumps? Without these it's impossible to know whats going on. More details needed.

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Ill try to get some dumps.

Candy Zhan
Jun 13 at 09:01 AM

Hi Matt,

There is a guide answer might provide you with some ideas.

Also note 1999997 helps, which covers most of OOM situation.

To detailed analyze this issue, you can create an incident to HAN-DB, as planViz and traces are needed for deep analysis.

Best regards,


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Thanks Candy, This is still an issue for me and will be fore the foreseeable future. I need a better understanding of the HANA engine, memory requirements, and query limitations.