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Apr 18, 2018 at 06:14 AM

SAP PLM Label set - data transfer between different tabs


Hi experts,

My Requirement is to Display the values from General data->Basic data tab to Label definition -> ingredient label and Qualitative Label. all these 3 tabs are defined in 3 different components with FPM associated.

and coming to Ingredient label tab, there assign data button is there which is used to get data from basic data and display the same in the popup. when user clicks on Ok, it will display the same in ingredient label fields. Now user don't want this assign data concept. instead of that when user navigates from basic data to label definition->ingredient label, it should automatically populate the values which shown in basic data->defaults.

In ingredient Label component, assistance class methods used to get data from basic data component and store the same in Lead context of ingredient Label component. But the retrieved data is stored on context of assign data when clicking on assign data button and the same nodes copied to ingredient label node and diaplay there.

How to skip this assign data logic, and display the values directly in ingredient label tab.

It would be really grateful If get assistance from you all.


basic-data.png (41.3 kB)