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Former Member
Oct 01, 2008 at 12:30 AM

Duplicate PPDS orders


I currenlty see duplicate planned orders being generated by the system( as part of nightly heuristic job only on some days) in certain cases. These have been far and few but I am having trouble understanding what may be causing this.

When I go into the product view , I see Dependent Demand of 100, and 2 planned orders for 100 covering the demand of 100. this has happend for every requirement. The first planned order has a status of planned order NC(checked, fully confirmed) which is nothing but a planned order on which an availability check has been done. The second planned order does not have this status. When I try to manually run the product heuristic, the plan again adjusts itself by deleting these duplicate orders.

Can anybody think of any reason why this may happen?

Appreciate your help!