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Former Member
Sep 30, 2008 at 09:41 PM

Multiple windows open with sWindow=New option



I tried to pass a value to a prompt in a child report using &lsS in the parent report. The link worked fine initially but when I put in sWindow=New in the link to make the child report open in a new window I seem to have made a mistake. Clicking on the link now results in the opening of n number of report (non-stop) and it never stops till I kill the parent report. Here is the variable definition I am using

="<a href=http://servername/opendocument.asp?sPath=[Folder1]&sDocName=Child_Doc1&sDocType=wid&sWindow=New&lsSPrompt_Text:="[Parameter Object]">"[Parameter Object]"</a>"

The parameter object here are IDs and clicking on the hyperlink showing the ID value should open the Child_Doc1 report in a new window giving further details about the ID.

Do you see any error in the link? I also tried Target=_Blank but couldn't get the report to open in a new window.