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GoodsMovement and Utilities Device Creation via FM / BAPI instead of BDC

Hello Community

We've got a Complex Custom program, that posts GoodsMovements to Issued and Received Materials ... It's working fine with MM-Related BAPI's, except when we have to Register the Creation of Utilities-Devices (incl. GoodsMovement, Serial Number and Equipment Master Data).

In that case, a BDC-Routine on "IQ01" was generated that Creates the Device through Serial-Enabled Material as Equipments including Utilities Master Data, generating Serialnumber and GoodsMovement. In recent times this routine has become very poor in terms of Performance and we can't seem to find any Solution via BAPI's, as the Equipment Creation Functions that we have found, do not complete all the necessary actions.

Is there any BAPI or RFC available that would simulate "IQ01" including Utilities-Related Data? I've seen some use of "BAPI_EQMT_CREATE", but is it a Full Replacement for trx. "IQ01"? Or any other FunctionModule, specific to IS-U that would serve this Purpose?

Any suggestions are much appreciated ...

Kind regards

Nic T.

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1 Answer

  • Apr 17, 2018 at 12:15 PM

    Hi Nick,

    There is one BAPI_EQUI_CREATE, but it behaves very differently to IQ01-Material Serial Number Creation

    This BAPI does not have the option to pass the Register Group, Inspection Relevant Field, Initial Meter Reading value and Date etc... which are specific to Utilities, nor does it creates an entry in table EGERH which is ISU Device Master Record.

    To my knowledge, there is no single FM, which would replicate all the activities done by IQ01.

    I would suggest you to have a look into the form EQUIPMENT_SAVE under the program,MIEQ0F90 for more insight.

    Check the FMs, that are triggered to create the object Status (STATUS_OBJECT_CREATE, SET_TEXT_OBJECT), and how to get the equipment number automatically with function module GET_NUMBER_NEXT, and subsequently the FM 'EQUIPMENT_SAVE' with all the structures populated.

    At then end, I think you need to call the FM, 'ISU_DB_V_EGER_UPDATE' in order to create the IS-U info for your equipment.

    Hope it helps



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    • Hello Amlan

      Thank you for your suggestion. Yes, I am aware of BAPI "BAPI_EQUI_CREATE" and it's limitations.

      I will look into the "EQUIPMENT_SAVE" and see what we can 'concuct'.

      Kind regards

      Nic T.