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Floating public holiday working on DEV but not in PRD however after regenerating the work schedule

Apr 17 at 08:26 AM


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Dear Experts,

i created new floating public holiday for specific religious not for all the employees and i generated the work schedule after creating the holiday and add it on transport request and it's working fine on the DEV server when i checked pt63 for employees it holiday off/paid and pt60 it holiday also

but on the PRD it's not working ! however i checked the generating of the workscedule from PT03 it's correct it takes holiday class 1 (holiday) like the DEV. .... but it's not affected when i checked pt63 i found it workday/paid (it should be off/paid) and in run pt60 error with (Employee not at work)

appreciate your support

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1 Answer

Rémi Corriveau Apr 17 at 04:32 PM

There are quite a few Discussion Threads on this subject.

When creating changes to Factory Calendars, Holiday Calendars or Statutory Holidays, the changes must be transported through a Workbench transport, and the related Re-generated Work Schedules must follow through a Customizing transport.

Did you do both?

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yes dear the holiday itself in workbench request , and the generating WS in customizing request

kindly see the screenshots below:
Blue from the DEV server PT02 the work schedule generated as 8.4.2018 class 1 Holiday and PT63 off/paid for specific religious.

Green from PRD server PT02 the work scedule generation as 8.4.2018 class 1 Holiday but PT63 show workday/paid for all employees and also PT60 time run shows error that Employee Not at work

generated-ws.png (188.9 kB)
personal-ws.png (402.5 kB)

Dear Rémi Corriveau appreciate your support


What Holiday Class did you use to create your "Specific Religious Holiday" ?

Were both the Workbench and the Customizing Transports applied onto PRD, and in that sequence?

Does the employee have any Attendance(IT2002), Absence(IT2001) or Replacement (IT2003) on that day (the 8th of an unspecified Month) ?


thank you Rémi Corriveau for your responses,

1- should i create different holiday class for the specific religious holiday ? it's same holiday class for me 1 and the religious in IT0002 is my key

however it's working on the DEV. so i think the problem not in the holiday class

3- also i think the problem not in the IT2001 or 2002 or 2003 cause it's generic for all this religious employees as per the second screenshot from PT63 it should be "off/paid" not "work/paid" and also in run PT60 it display error "EE not at work" that means the holiday dosen't have any effect on PRD. server !!

2- may be the sequence of the transports , i'll reverse the configuration and redo it again then i'll notice the order of the my requests (the workbench first "the holiday itself" then the customize "generate WS")


There should be no need to "reverse" the configuration.

Just check it, then re-create a transport for your Holiday Calendars, then re-generate all WS associated with that Holiday Calendar.

Confirm that it still works in DEV, then release the Holiday Calendars Workbench, followed by the WS Customizing.