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Exchange rate journal entry separete lines

Apr 17 at 08:21 AM


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I have a question abount exchange rate gain/loss on journal entry coresponding to incoming payment.
There are two invoices selecten on incoming payment.
1 - gain 200EUR
2 - loss 100EUR
so in jurnal entry there is one line - credit 100 EUR.
But I woud like to have two separete lines one for gain (200) and one for loss (100).
Is this SAP B1 behavior possible to configure?

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1 Answer

Augusto Silva Apr 17 at 09:25 AM


In the Document Settings, in the "Split Jounal Entry Posting by documents lines" try to use the spilt and check the results. I'm not sure if it works.

I hope that it helps.



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Thank You for answer.
Split JE lines was the first idea I tried. Unfortunately it does not work.


You can also have 2 accounts. One for gains and another for the lost.

It's the only chance.


Yes, I have separate accounts for loss and gain.