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Sep 30, 2008 at 01:03 PM

Loading a cube using a DTP


We have to load a cube B from another cube A.

In 3.X flow we were using a info package which would load the targer cube through a PSA.

In 7.x flow, we are using a DTP. The data Source is Cube A and teh data target is Cube B.

Cube A has 1,53,000 records.

When data is loaded using the info package, all the added records in the source cube is transfered to the target. There are 56,000 records added to the target.

When loading through the DTP, it fetches only 44,000 records.

i have checked the transformation and the update rules for the DTP and the info package..There is no difference.Also there are no routines used.

Can any body suggest what the problem could be and how to rectify it?