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How to restrict a user to accessing only one FMDERIVE strategy

Apr 17 at 07:07 AM


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Derivation Strategies: AAA, BBB, CCC, XXX, YYY, ZZZ

I have six derivation strategies maintained in FMDERIVE. The business user only has access to FMDERIVER, which prompts him to choose a strategy. In the user role for FMDERIVER transaction, I restricted F_FICA_KDR - FM_KEDRENV object to XXX because I only want the user to be able to change/display rule values for XXX only.

Upon testing, the user can still access all derivation strategies and maintain/display rule values. Anyone knows how to do this?


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1 Answer

Eli Klovski
Apr 17 at 08:59 AM


This is strange. According to note:

1576384 - FMDERIVE Authorizations Frequently Asked Questions

authorization put on FMDERIVER for the object F_FICA_KDR should be sufficient. For FMDERIVE, though, you should take additional steps with BADIs.

Put a trace on the user to check authorization log to see if there is something wrong and this authorization object is called correctly. If this doesn't help, it's more an issue for your authorizations team. I'll be able to re-tag your question to 'authorizations' instead of Public sector.



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Tried doing ST12 - still studying how to do this. In the meantime, would like to share here the only role I provided for the user for testing. With this role, the user should be able to access FMDERIVER for derivation strategies XXX only (rule value maintenance/display).

My version of EA-PS is only 600.

pfcg.jpg (99.4 kB)

Look fine, at first glance...