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Sep 30, 2008 at 11:22 AM

Upgrade stops on Phase EU_IMP4.ELG with error


Hi upgrade experts,

The Upgrade from 4.6C to SAP ERP ECC 6.0 stoped in phase

EU_IMP4.ELG without error message which cannot gives us any enough information about the problem.

The log files we have are:

1) SAPup.log:

...begin processing at 20080930113755

  1. Reading Parameter File "D:\usr\sap\PUT\bin\EU_IMNDB.CLT" at 20080930113755

  2. Reading Parameter File "D:\usr\sap\PUT\bin\EU_IMNDB.LLT" at 20080930114434

  3. Reading Parameter File "D:\usr\sap\PUT\bin\EU_IMNDB.LLT" at 20080930114434

..finished at 20080930114434 with status 1 ERRORS OCCURED.

...begin dialogue at 20080930114434



SAPup> Starting subprocess tp.exe with id 7268 at 20080925112358

EXECUTING D:\usr\sap\PLT\SYS\exe\run\tp.exe

pf=D:\usr\sap\PUT\bin\DEFAULT.TPP checkimpdp PLT

Environment: dbs_ora_schema=SAPSR3

Environment: dbs_ora_tnsname=PLT


Environment: ORACLE_HOME=D:\oracle\PLT\102

Environment: ORACLE_SID=PLT

Warning: unknown parameter WITH_TACOB in parameter file (line 19).

Warning: unknown parameter WITH_TACOB in parameter file (line 19).

System PLT: Background job RDDIMPDP is scheduled event periodic.



#=======================================================================# Starting new execution of PREPARE modules

  1. Pre-processing

  2. at 20080929132443.



  1. Requests and information for module Pre-processing #



Even in SDN there is nothing about Phase EU_IMP4.ELG.

Its phase 74 of 504.

Thanks in advance for any idea.


Thanks in advance