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Selective ROW Deletion based on column value

Apr 16 at 04:52 PM


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HI Webi experts,

I have a question on achieving the following requirement in the webi report. Can someone please help me with the syntax.

I want to remove the row if the List Price = 0

If there is no List Price i do not want to see the line with Market price either

For example, with the logic, the Record 3, 4,5,6,7,8 and 11,12,13 should be removed from the report and only record 1, 2 9 and 10 should show. (please see the screenshot inserted below)

Your help will be greatly appreciated


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2 Answers

Joe Peters Apr 16 at 04:59 PM

You can't "delete" rows in WebI; you can only hide them with filters. So apply a simple filter on the List Price object to exclude values of "0".

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Yes sorry, thats what I meant Hide, I wrote "Deletion" by mistake.

The problem with the filter is that it also hides Market price where it has values and i dont want this, I want selective hide on list price in reference to Market price that is, if List price is 0 and Market price is also 0 then hide List price Else etc etc......


I don't get it. In your screenshot above, you've indicated that you want to hide all of the rows with List Price = 0, regardless of Market Price. How does Market Price affect the display of rows?


Because if I apply filter on List price and then drag Market price after and if the market price have any value other than 0 it will fetch the list price row back in the report which has value 0 in it.

Apr 16 at 07:52 PM

create V Price list as a dimension variable and apply filter on V Price list.

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