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PDC Recalculation date changing to before previous period after the time evaluation run ?

Apr 16 at 12:50 PM


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Dear Experts,

i want to know why the PDC recalculation date (in time evaluation in infotype 0003 payroll status) changed automatically !! (I mean not manual by anybody) it changed for some employees after the time evaluation run or the payroll run (like accounted to field)

sometimes it changed right for example (1.3.2018) and after the run (1.4.2018) increased after the monthly run (which is correct) but sometimes it changed to before dates and previous periods dates, it was (1.3.2018) and after the run it changed to (1.3.2017) so it's one year back !!! so i get many errors in the time evaluation run related to retroactive errors from previous periods

please support why this date changed for some employees in this weird way !

thanks in advance

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3 Answers

Rémi Corriveau Apr 16 at 04:33 PM

When a user modifies an Infotype that has an impact on Time Evaluation or on Payroll Calculation and that it has a retroactive impact, then the PDC recalculation Date and/or the Earliest MD change Date will be automatically modified in IT0003 in order to trigger the retroactive calculation.

Use program the Audit Report (program = RPUAUD00_PNPCE) to see what Infotypes was modified for that employee since Time Evaluation was last executed.

Note that there are many Discussion Threads on IT0003 and it's fields, and the same is valid for the Audit Report.

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Hi Remi,

do you mean that any changes that related to payroll or time infotypes it's effect those date the PDC and the earliest retroactive date ?
if yes how it sometimes changes to very long periods maybe around 1 year as i mentioned in the question from 2018 to 2017 ?

thank you,


In the IMG (t-code = spro), under Personnel Management > Personnel Administration > Customizing Procedures > Infotypes, there are a couple of sub-nodes where you can specify what changes should generate retroactive calculations, namely nodes "Infotypes" and "Define fields relevant for retroactive accounting".

Next, the way changes are made sometimes also has an impact. For example, if an employee has an IT0014 that is valid from 01.04.2017 until 31.12.9999, and that the User modifies it's End Date instead of Delimiting it, it would generate retroactive Payroll Calculation as of 01.04.2017.


Dear Remi appreciate also if you support me in my second question cause i really trust your soluations

Imran Sajid
Apr 18 at 04:07 PM


In addition to the information provided by Remi above, please also note that the flag on IT3 can be set if you have a message in the schema that needs to be looked at that is causing a PDC recalculation. The system will keep doing a retro to that date until the message is fixed or acknowledged



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Dear Rémi Corriveau and Imran Sajid

as i understand if i go to Spro > Personnel Management > Personnel Administration > Customizing Procedures > Infotypes . and of i changed field "Past Entry All" to "E" so the system will not accept changes of this infotype before the retroactive date of the control record PA03 ?
and if i changed the other fields to " " space instead of "R" the system will not see the changes in this infotype if it's in the past ? i mean it will accept and saved the entries but without any affect in the time and payroll run ?

also i have question here .. how can i restrict this data for spesific employees ? should i change the PDC time field in IT0003 for the employees that i got retroactive errors from them ?

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Rémi Corriveau Apr 19 at 12:00 PM

Changes in the Infotype Attributes Table can't be tailored to "specific employees", but an ABAP programmer could create an Input Verification code on IT2001.

Changing the Earliest Personnel Recalculation Date (for Time and/or Payroll) on the employee's IT0003 is often done to handle special cases.

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