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Sep 30, 2008 at 03:46 AM

binding multiple selected rows to table context


Hi friends,

Goodday. My requirement is in my first view i have a table with 10 fields and a button add. On clicking add button it shows a popup . In the popup a table with the same 10 fields will be displayed with datas. User selects multiple records and clicks on ok button in the popup and the records selected by the user alone goes to parent window (view1-table) .

Now I'm able to make user to select multiple rows. and in view2(popup view) in onactionok method i coded as below.

data: Node_Table_Popup type ref to if_wd_context_node,
        Elem_table_popup type ref to if _wd_context_element,
        Stru_Table_popup type if_vieew_popup=>Element_table_popup,
        lt_element type WDR_CONTEXT_ELEMENT_SET.

*navigate from <context> to <Table_popup> via lead selection
Node_table_popup = wd_context->get_childnode( Name = If_view_popup=>wdctx_table_popup ).

 lt_element = Node_table_popup->get_selected_elements(  ).

by coding as above i got the multiple selected rows in lt_elements. now friends can you tell me how to loop lt_element and bind this lt_elements into table_view1 context i.e first view table. i don know as lt_element is of type wdr_contex_element_set which is table type. Please do reply me.