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ID mapping for external value ### of Business Partner ID missing", BP Replication from S4HANA

4 days ago


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Hello SAP Community!

Just troubleshooting again with the Business Partner Replication from S4 Hana scenario, now We are facing this issue when we trying to replicate Business Partners through the DRFOUT program.

"ID mapping for external value 123456789 of Business Partner ID missing" ERROR


Here the error details



Long Text:



The functional team is already double checking the config., from my side I need to be sure that is not a standard error.

Doing research, I was able to find the following notes:

2421274 - ID Mapping for External Value ABC of ERP Customer Number Missing

2597213 - Business Partner replication from SAP ERP fails with error "ID Mapping for External Value ABC of ERP Customer Number Missing ".

Both notes have similar error messages to our issue, but these notes talk about 'Customer Number Missing', and our issue is about "Business Partner ID missing".

Not sure about apply the notes to our issue.

If you have experience in this scenario, Could you provide some insights?


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idmapping2.jpg (226.1 kB)
long-text.txt (1.5 kB)
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Still checking this issue, we found something rare in the Payload / XML tag.

Its about the 'BusinessPartnerRelationshipCatagoryCode' tag, our team think that maybe its a typo error (Catagory) instead of "Category" like in the C4C Code List Mapping.


*Here you can see the tag


*Here the ID Code List Mapping

Can be this correct?, anyway, still troubleshooting, we are going to ask to SAP Support.

Thanks in advanced.

idmapping3.jpg (223.8 kB)
idmapping4.jpg (167.4 kB)
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2 Answers

Manideep Satya
3 days ago

Dear Juan Carlos Camacho Garduño,

For ID Mapping Error, please maintain ID Mapping for 100000018 with relevant local value under Business Partners for relevant business system id. Administrator => ID Mapping for Integration => Mapping of "Business Partners" & relevant System ID.


Manideep Satya

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Juan Carlos Camacho Garduño 2 days ago

Hello SAP Community!

Just to share,

Now we are thinking that our problem is related to the dependencies between accounts, relationships to other business partners, partner functions.

Through the DRFOUT trx we are able to replicate some simple Business Partners.

*BP in S4


*Successfully replicated in C4C


*We are not yet able to replicate BP with different Partner Functions than himself, by dependencies i think

So, if you can provide some tips, let us know!

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