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Apr 16, 2018 at 11:04 PM

Information Re: Server IP Binding Check Alert


I recently applied Lumira Server 2.1 patch on 4 servers in my cluster, plus the Lumira Server 2.1 full install on a new node in the cluster.

Ever since this, the system has been slow, the Log Out button sits at "The cleanup is in progress. Wait... and Lumira documents do not open in Launchpad, nor does the Lumira Discovery application.

I ran a report in BIPST, and the "Server IP Binding Check" is now alerting on both of the processing nodes in the cluster. I manually reviewed each server in each of these nodes and all of them still have the Request Port assigned so I'm confused why this alert is triggering.

I have a suspicion that this alert may be tied to all of the other problems I'm having- the logout hang is mentioned in note 2422930 and here it mentions that you need to assign request ports. But again I have validated all servers have request ports.

Can you provide more insight into what exactly this alert is looking at so that I may continue to troubleshoot how to resolve this alert, and potentially fix all of the other issues in my landscape?