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SAP PI Alerts : only 1 alert recieved - PO 7.5

Apr 16 at 10:26 PM


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We hve the alert configured and working but the issue here is only 1 alert is received for the 10 errors, would rather be expecting 10 alerts been raised.

The Aggregate and Suppress alert are set to false yet couldn't get this working.

Appreciate your thoughts on this towards a fix.

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2 Answers

Muniyappan Marasamy Apr 17 at 06:32 AM

In the recieved alert mail, how many message details/id do you see? It should have 10 message ids. It is because of default value 20 for AlertToMailLimit. If you have 30 errors messages, you would have received 2 alert mails.

If your intention is to get 1 alert for each messager failure, then change it to 1. But i would suggest you to stick with default value 20.

Did you read on how to create job?

  • In the AlertToMailLimit field, enter the number of individual message details that would be included in the e-mail notification. The default value is 20

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Hello Muni

Thanks for your thoughts on it.

The default AlertToMailLimit is '20'. When there are three errors in the span of 1 or 2 mins, we would expect to see 3 alerts but in this case we are getting only 1 alert. Not sure if this parameter has any significane to the issue


Alert is sent when the job runs.But not when message fails. So the job runs and it sees that 3 messagea are failed. It graps three failed messages in one mail and sends.

Can you please come again what is the job frequency here?

You better check iob logs and see how logs are getting generated when there is a failed message and there is no failed message..

Muniyappan Marasamy

hi muni

Yes did check the job. the job is scheduled to run every 2 hrs


can you please paste the log entries here? I would like to take a look at it. please provide the logs when there is error message case and no error message case.

Nidhi Srivastava Apr 18 at 07:59 AM

Hi Prabhu,

Are you sure if AggregateAlerts - false, then you will get different alerts for all the failures.

Can you delete this job and create a new one, just in case there is any cache issue?


Nidhi Srivastava

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hi nidi, yes "AggregateAlerts - false"