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SAP Personal WEB IDE upgrade issue

Hello experts,

Created in SAP Web IDE on the cloud an application from worklist template version 1.53. Upgraded my Personal Web IDE to the same version using the steps described in the link below:

Imported the exported application to Personal Web IDE and ran it to find out that it was crashing due to components missing. The missing component was sap/f/semantic/SemanticPage.js, which, as I found, is available since version 1.52. Furthermore, when I try to create an application from template within Personal SAP Web IDE, the latest available version shown is 1.44. Explored the contents of Personal SAP Web IDE, plugins folder looks as follows (picked it only because a folder relative to 1.53 is located in there)

What exactly do I miss here?

Best regards,


sap-web-ide-153.jpg (238.7 kB)
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2 Answers

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    Apr 18, 2018 at 03:59 PM

    Here's the answer, for anybody having the same problem (thanks to Marc at SO)

    It seems to me you are mixing things up. The version number of the Web IDE Personal Edition and SAPUI5/OpenUI5 are not the same.

    The latest version of the Web IDE PE is 1.53.1. It was released 9 months ago (July '17). The latest UI5 Version at that time was 1.44.11.

    sap.f.semantic.SemanticPage is available since 1.46 (UI5, not Web IDE PE). Since this is newer than the UI5 version shipped with the Web IDE PE, this control is not available.

    Quick workaround: Use this CDN link while developing:

    It points to release 1.46.10 of SAPUI5.

    A list of available versions can be found here.

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  • Apr 18, 2018 at 12:15 PM
    Hi Greg, Try the following, but make a backup of your files first, to be on the safe side:
    1. Download the needed version from
    2. Copy directories "resources" and "test-resources" into ...\SAPWebIDE\eclipse\plugins\\ui5
    3. Open ...\SAPWebIDE\eclipse\plugins\\ui5\neo-app.json and add the correspondant version.
    4. Restart.
    Best regards,Désirée

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    • Dear Desiree hello,

      Seems that my problem was a misunderstanding of SAPUI5 and Web IDE versioning (see above). I actually posted the response yesterday but wasn't posted due to a link not belonging to a SAP domain (sap.f.semantic.SemanticPage, strange). Thanks however for the alternative Personal Web IDE upgrade method, I will try this at first chance.

      Best regards,