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Agentry OpenUI Container for UI5 controls

Apr 16 at 03:36 PM


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Hi Experts,

I was trying to run the "Players" demo application for exploring the capabilities of OpenUI when it comes to rendering native UI5 controls.

I have followed a guide which was named "SAP EAM and mobile app SDK.pdf", which is rather old. But I have checked thoroughly and that's all the official documentation we got on OpenUI-UI5 integration for now. (Please direct me if you have a better documentation)

This document was very ambiguous to follow, so I ll try to detail the steps that I have followed.

1. I have installed the latest WPF agentry client from SMP SDK 16.

2. I have downloaded the SAP_EAM_and_service_mobile_app_SDK_2.2 for all the three platforms (Windows, iOS, Android)

3. I have imported the sample .agx file "OpenUI-SAPUI5-app" in to an eclipse work space which is taken from the previously downloaded SAP EAM package ("\SAP_EAM_and_service_mobile_app_SDK_2.2_\SDK_IOS\mobile-apps.sdk.ios-2.2.0\UI5\Samples")

4. I have created a new folder named "Assets" in the root of the Agentry Client folder and I have copied the sample UI5 controls in to that folder ('analytics','Rating','Survey').

5. I have downloaded the latest SAP UI5 SDK version "1.52.10" and copied the "sapui5" folder in to the 'Assets' folder of the Agentry Client root folder.

6. I have copied the contents of "\SAP_EAM_and_service_mobile_app_SDK_2.2_\SDK_WPF\UI5" folder in to the root folder of Agentry client.

7. I have copied the contents of "\SAP_EAM_and_service_mobile_app_SDK_2.2_\SDK_WPF\Common" folder in to the root folder of the Agentry client.

8. I have installed "Cordova" and created a sample Android project. Then I have extracted the "cordova.js" from "<SAMPLE-APP>\platforms\android\platform_www".

9. I have placed the "cordova.js" in "\Assets\www" folder inside the Agentry client folder.

After performing the above steps, the Agentry client was throwing some prompt messages which was coded in to the 'cordova.js' as mentioned below.

I have also attached the 'cordova.js' file below which I have used (I have added it as a .txt file due to file upload restrictions)


This is how my file path looks like

Please let me know where I have gone wrong and it would be really helpful if you can fill up the remaining steps (if any) so that this thread would serve better for others as a simple guide.


Madan KM

client.png (40.1 kB)
filetree.png (12.5 kB)
cordovajs.txt (73.2 kB)
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1 Answer

Chung Yu
Apr 26 at 10:15 PM

Hi Madan,

I was not able to find the .pdf document that you mentioned to see what the next steps would be. But, I find this latest

SAP EAM and Service mobile app SDK installation Guide


Chung Yu

SAP Product Support

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