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Sep 29, 2008 at 11:46 AM

File to RFC scenario using BPM : a synchronous one


Hi All

I am doing File >RFC >File scenario using BPM with help of the blog

RFC Scenario using BPM --Starter Kit

here everything is explained but i am getting error while the processing of BPM part

Input file is being picked (this part is success) but rest BPM and response i am not getting back in .

interface names

filereq_MI >Filetoabstract_MI >Sync_MI >RFCtoabstract_MI >Fileres_MI

(abstract means its an abstract interface)

i have configuered the Integration process as follows

Start >Recieve >synch_send >send >end

step : Recieve

mode : asynch


step : synch_send

mode : synch

synch interface : synch_send

req message:Filetoabstract_MI

res message : RFCtoabstract_MI

step : send

mode : asynch


and i have given interface mapping during second (synch_send) step but here mapping is giving problem its showing exception error during mapping

error is there

1) Integration process ---> file

2) Integration process-->R/3 system