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Dear Experts,

I have to develop one pricing procedure for import process.The conditions are as follows.


P&F 3% : 3




CVD 14% : 14.96 (ON 106.87)

ECESS ON CVD 2% : 0.30

SH ECESS ON CVD 1% : 0.15

E CESS 2% : 0.39 (ON 19.28)

SH ECESS 1% : 0.19

E CESS ON TOTAL DUTY 2% : 0.40 (ON 19.99)

SH ECESS 1% : 0.20

CST 2% : 2.47 ( ON TOTAL)




one time i used ecess and sh ecess again i have to use ecess and sh it possible in sap or i have to take any note from sap.please clarify.



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1 Answer

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    Sep 29, 2008 at 11:14 AM


    Import pricing procedure is as follows-

    landed price say X

    Basic customs duty say 10% on X =Y

    CVD 14% on (X+Y) = Z

    Ecess on CVD 2%on Z =Z'

    SECESS on CVD 1%on Z =Z''

    subtotal = (YZZ'+Z'') = A

    Ecess on Basic customes duty 2% on A = Y'

    SECSS on basic customs duty1% ON A =Y''

    Subtotal (AXY'+Y'') =C

    Addition duty of customs 4% on C= D

    then final total

    here u can take credit for CVD,ECess on CVD,SECESS on CVD and Additional duty of customs.

    there is no repeatation of duties as per law.

    please check the excise rules for imports.



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    • hi

      in ur pricing u have to create following

      JCDB IN: Basic Custom Duty

      JCV1 IN : CVD

      JECV IN : Ed Cess on CVD

      J1CV IN : H&SECess on CVD

      JEDB IN : Ed Cess on BCD

      JSDB IN : H&SECess on BCD

      JADC Additional Duty of Custom

      JCV1, JECV, J1CV and JADC will go to Excise MODVAT Accounts and JCDB, JEDB and JSDB will get loaded on inventory.

      In M/06, for all above conditions, keep following controls;

      Cond. class A (Discount or surcharge) Plus/minus A (Positive)

      Calculat.type A (Percentage)

      Cond.category B (Delivery costs)

      Activate "Currency Conversion" and "Accrual"

      now for setoff

      maintain the following conditions in excise default settings.

      JCV1, JECV, JADC

      path: spro>logistic general >tax on goods movements>india >basic settings>determination of excise duty >maintain excise defaults >

      along with ur taxprocedure maintain these conditons in the specified fields

      JCV1 in CVD condition field.

      JECV in ECS conditon field.

      JADC in ACD conditon field.

      in case of secess on CVD, no need to maintain.

      it is hardcodded in the standard

      Vendor in GR 2 (Entry always possible)

      Import scenario

      1.Create material master of import goods.

      2.Create vendor master record of import vendor and Customs clearing vendor.

      3.Maintain CIN settings.

      4.Maintain J1id.

      5.Maintain Pricing procedure SAP standard JIMPOR..,maintain required conditions..JCDB,JCV1...

      6.Assign the schema to respective import vendor in Purchasing view of VMR.

      7.Create import PO ,check in conditions of JCDB, JCV1 the customs clearing vendor(Indian vendor) and percentage is assigned..This can be done by In condition tab select condtion then click on display,then enter.

      Save the PO.

      8.MIRO --Capture Bill Of Entry.(Commercial Invoice No.,).Customs clearing first .Here CVD will b converted to BED.

      give values as per BOE

      9.Capture Excisse invoice--j1iex.


      12.Post Excise Invoice.

      13.MIRO...Payment to vendor(import vendor)



      award if helpful