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incorrect default value in AFO

4 days ago


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I have created a AFO 2.5 sp3 with 4 Bex query, i have unchecked the option for save the excecution filters and when i execute the AFO the system shows one value for fiscyear.

I haven’t saved this year anywere and when i fill the others fields, i have an error:


I select 2018 and 2019 again and the error is not shows again.

I have deleted the last query and the AFO runs correctly without this default value, but If I insert the bex query again the default value is showed again. If i insert this bex query in other new AFO the default value is not showed, so i think that the bex query is correctly.

I have try to delete the cache for AFO but this not solve the problema.

If i insert one by one the bex query to another new AFO the default value is not showed but I have spent more time to formating the original AFO.

Any Idiea.

Kind regards.

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Hello Javier - is this the default from the BEx query that is coming over?

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