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Opportunity creation report using one order Function Module

Apr 16 at 07:24 AM


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I am trying to create a report for creating opportunity using one order framework function module (crm_order_read, crm_order_maintain, crm_order_save). When i execute this report then partner and partner function is not updating. Please, any one tell me which table is used for maintaning the prtner function and partner in opportunity.

I have attached may report which i have created. Please,report.txt find.

report.txt (5.6 kB)
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Dominik Bigl Apr 16 at 08:15 PM


you need to set also these fields:

DATA: ls_logical_key TYPE crmt_partner_logic_partner_key.
ls_partner-ref_handle = ls_orderadm_h-handle.
ls_partner-ref_partner_handle = 1.   
ls_logical_key-ref_partner_handle = ls_partner-ref_partner_handle. " 0 = inital my be ignored!
ls_input_field-objectname  = 'PARTNER'.
ls_input_field-ref_handle  = ls_partner-ref_handle.
ls_input_field-logical_key = ls_logical_key.

for a partner update you have to set as well:

ls_logical_key-ref_partner_handle = ls_partner-ref_partner_handle.
ls_logical_key-ref_partner_no     = ls_partner-ref_partner_no.
ls_logical_key-ref_partner_fct    = ls_partner-ref_partner_fct.
ls_logical_key-ref_no_type        = ls_partner-ref_no_type.
ls_logical_key-ref_display_type   = ls_partner-ref_display_type.

BTW - Use constants from INCLUDE crm_object_names_con. like:

INCLUDE crm_object_names_con.
ls_input_field-objectname  = gc_object_name-partner.
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This is really helpful information but my problem didn't solve.