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Apr 16, 2018 at 07:21 AM

Automatic Repository handling - IdM Rest API V1/2



we are trying to implement a routine to automate repository handling with IdM (creating Repositories, executing Connection Test / Initial Load Job, thereby consequential Priviledge to Business Role assignment, eventually modify Repository attributes upon infrastructure changes, run delete Repository Jobs, delete Global constants, delete Repositories).

From my understanding insertion can only be done with V1. Is it possible to create/change/delete repositories respectively run correspondig Jobs with V1/V2?

If not, is this going to be possible in the near future respectively is there some workaround?

The Idea is to map CMDB data to IdM Repository entries respectively ABAP/HANA on Premise Backends. We are using 7.2 SP10, currently running with RDS Framework.

Thanks in advance & kind regards