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Sep 29, 2008 at 07:33 AM

IDoc Acknowledgments


Dear XI Experts,

I've read through all of the corresponding Idoc Ack. posts and the How To Guide but still can't figure out why my scenario just won't work.

I've set up a File -> XI -> Idoc scenario and want to receive an acknowledge back in XI and send this out via the Mail Adapter.

File conversion works, Idoc is received in the R/3 system, an ALEAUD Idoc is sent back to XI and references the original Idoc. The problem is, I keep on getting an error at "technical routing of response" within the processing of the Acknowledgement.

The sender of the ALEAUD is the R/3 system, which is correct, the sender interface though is "Acknowledgment" target="_blank">">Acknowledgment which I've never created and which is also not present!

Also the receiver of the acknowledgement gives me a headache, as it's the original file sender business system, the receiver interface is as well "Acknowledgment" target="_blank">">Acknowledgment. How can that be? I've even deleted all receiver and interface determinations regarding the inbound processing of the ALEAUD message.

Does anyone know where this mysterious Acknowledgment interface comes from and why there's a receiver and interface determination even though I didn't configure it?

Thanks a lot!