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Regarding execution of brconnect to get statistic information

5 days ago


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Hello experts!

I want to ask about the execution of brconnect in a SAP environment where we have

multiple instances on one AS ABAP server.

Is it not possible to execute brconnect command on multiple instances simultaneously?

Will it cause any problem for that?

At the moment, we schedule the "check and update optimizer statistics" from tr-cd: DB13.

But we want to schedule it from, external automatic job mgmt system.

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Hello Munkhzaya,

This is more a question to Oracle experts.

Please adjust the primary tag of this question to "Oracle Database".




Thank you Isaias! I changed the primary tag to Oracle Database!

Munkhzaya Baasandorj

You are welcome! :o)

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1 Answer

James Zhang
4 days ago

Sure, you can, brconnect in fact is calling oracle sqlplus to get job done. It won't cause problem for multiple instances simultaneously, as we can achieve this via sqlplus.

However some of brconnect action will generate a lock file for brconnect, which makes sure only one brconnect is running. This lock is brconnect level. But you can pass this by set specific oracle_home, oracle_sid, SAP_DATAHOME for the different database/instances. For the details, you can refer to SAP note ##320457 for setting enviroment variables for the dedicated instances/databases.

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Dear James

Thank you so much for detailed answer.

Just one more question.

When you say , "some brconnect action will generate a lock file for brconnect"

what are the some brconnect action? Does it depend on the options within the command?

Thank you


You are welcome, yes, it is options in the command.
Like update single statistics table, it will generate lock file of brconnect, thus there is no need to run the same statisticis update.

Sorry, I don't have list that what actions/option will generate lock file. Anyway we are talking multiple databases, we can avoid thus disturb via different SAP_DATAHOME, this is where the lock file locates.