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What Should I use, BW-IP or Embedded BPC model for a new planning model ??

Apr 16 at 03:30 AM


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Hi, We have got a requirement to implement a planning model for Production planning. We are on BW 7.5 on HANA.., do not have a BPC instance at all in our landscape. I understand that, I can use the existing the traditional BW-IP functionality, which is available in BW application(RSPLAN) and create Aggregation levels, Functions, Sequence etc.. then build Query and work books for planning. In this case, I do not think, BPC server is required for this model.

On the other side, I can have a BPC license, then build an embedded model, which is also leveraging BW-IP PAK to build the model. there may be couple of more advantages here, in terms of BPF and Work Status functionalities of BPC I can leverage.

So, Let us say, If I do not want those BPFs and Work Status features of BPC, Can I go with BW-IP model itself? So that I can avoid extra license BPC cost and also can get the HANA push down to do my planning..

Please share your thoughts on this?



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3 Answers

Andrey Uryukin Apr 16 at 07:06 AM


Sure you can go with IP only if you don't need BPC features.

I'm not sure regarding licensing - PAK activation and BPC embedded activation require licenses.

But I don't know if licenses are separate.

Anyway, you must activate PAK in order to leverage HANA push down planning functionalities.

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Sreekanth Surampally Apr 16 at 12:54 PM

thanks Andrey, you said that, I can activate the BPC embedded in BW on HANA... is it just like how BPC optimized activation in S4 Hana? I was thinking, I need to have a separate BPC system in case of BW on Hana to create either standard model or embedded models of BPC. Can you clarify me on this.

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I'm not sure I understand clearly your question...

Anyway, S4 and BWonHANA are different servers (usually).

So activating BPC on S4 doesn't mean activating BPC in BWoH.

Technically saying you should maintain entry in the table RSPLS_HDB_ACT (in BWoH) and set "BPC Embedded Model Active" to 'X'.

Then you can create embedded model...


Sreekanth Surampally 6 days ago

Sorry for the confusion, Actually my question is YES or NO answer one which is in the end. I tried to put 3 blocks, just to make my understanding is aligned correctly or not. But Below are the scenarios I have seen so far,


S/4 HANA - BPC scenario: SAP provided standard BPC content to access S/4 Fin tables(ACDOCA) and do the real time planning in S/4 System itself. Which is positioned as BPC Optimized HANA, formerly known as Integrated business Planning for Finance(IBPF). There are couple of SAP notes to follow to activate the content then I am good to develop my objects. It is completely outside of BW on HANA and I am clear on this scenario.


BW HANA - BPC Scenario: a. Standard BPC: installation takes place on top of SAP netweaver BW. it can be either BPC 10 or 10.1. I will access the Web client and EPM add in client, then start creating my standard BPC models, they will be crated as BW cubes in the back end. Then I will have planning functions, Script logics, DM Packages and EPM reports etc.. I am clean on this as well.


BW on HANA - BPC Scenario b: Embedded BPC: My understanding is that, installation takes on top of SAP netweaver BW, I will access the Web client and EPM add in Client, then start creating my Embedded BPC models, with BW Integrated Planning objects, as unlike Standard BPC objects. my assumption is BPC embedded model is created only in Web client of BPC. then I have my question, on this scenario as below.


Q: do I need to install BPC 10.1 as how it used to be done for Standard BPC? or is BPC installation is already embedded in BW system, and only some ina services activation required? --------------- if the answer to question is 'BPC installation is embedded in BW', then I can go ahead and implement my Planning model with that option. If answer is NO, which means a separate installation is required for BPC, then I will use traditional BW-IP model.

Please let me know..

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