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Apr 16, 2018 at 12:40 AM

How to create Inter company transactions for a Parking document in 'Simulation' mode?


Hi Experts,

We have a custom program to create 'Parking' document using FM 'PRELIMINARY_FUNCTION_FB01'. Now the business is expecting to enhance this program to generate 'Simulation' view of inter company transactions(we have multiple company codes). Since there is no simulation parameter in the parking FM, I tried different FMs but nothing worked. The functionality we are expecting is there in FV50 but there is no any direct FM using in that transaction and we can't use that code in our custom program either.

1. I tried to implement implicit enhancement to exit in parking mode without generation the document, but inter company transactions are not creating in parking mode, it didn't work..

2. We can create inter company transactions in posting mode but we have to create the parking document before posting, the business doesn't want to create parking document in simulate mode, this won't work....

Please let me know if there is any FM or any other way to create Simulation view for the inter company GL transactions. it's bit urgent.

The input file has Company code, GL account, Dr/Cr indicator, Tax code, tax jurisdiction, Cost center & amount fields.