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customer - deletion flag to be set via BAPI

Apr 13 at 04:45 PM


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hi all,

I asked this question some time back but recently I came across the same requirements. I do not want to use the same solution (custom BAPI) I did back then.

So here the question: I need to set a "Central Deletion Flag for Customer Master Record". This is basically update of field LOEVM in KNA1 table. I need to do this via interface form 3rd party application. Is there any BAPI I can use for setting up the flag?

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2 Answers

Jelena Perfiljeva
Apr 17 at 07:54 PM

What is the problem with using the old solution? To my knowledge, SAP is not delivering any new BAPIs for ECC lately, so whatever we had in 2014 is pretty much still the same in 2018. (Julin can correct me if I'm wrong.)

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Hi Jelena,

thanks for your reply. The only issue with my old solution is that it is using custom BAPI that subsequently calls methods of class CMD_EI_API. My aim is to prevent the creation of anything custom... I want to stay as close to SAP standard functions as possible.

As per SAP Note " 2561195 - Central Deletion Flag for Customer/Supplier LOEVM in S4" it looks like there is a BAPI function for S4H based systems. I wonder why this is not available in predecessors of S4H...



S/4HANA is very different from ECC. There were many changes not just in functionality but also at the DB level. And, for example, S4 uses "business partner" functionality for customers and vendors, which is different from what we have in ECC. When the DB tables/fields do not exist in an earlier release, it can be impossible to down-port an API to that release. Same problem we're dealing sometimes even within ECC: if your SP level is too low, at some point you might not even be able to install a note because the dependencies and missing objects are way too many.

And I'm guessing SAP is not very interested in investing time in ECC anymore since they want to take it off support in 2025 and want the customers to buy S/4HANA instead. That's the gist of it.

I can relate to the "use standard" sentiment but, unfortunately, when a standard solution simply does not exist we just need to make do. I'd say the customers should also probably decide how much to invest in ECC development right now if come 2025 they could be running S4 or even a non-SAP product.

Julin Xin
Apr 15 at 04:30 AM

Hi Martin,

Are you in ERP or S/4HANA?


Best regards,

Julin Xin

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Hi Julin,

I'm on ECC 6 system not on S/4HANA.