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Count Distinct rows from Detail tab to summary tab in Webi 4.2

Apr 13 at 12:36 PM


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HI Experts,

I have requirment to calulate count of ID from detail tab to summary tab, I have report level filters on detail tab now if i just do count in summary tab i get results but if i try to put filters there is no data displayed in the cell.

=Count([ID]) where ([Country]="US" and [State]="OHIO") this does not return result, i also tried applying this formulae in cell but no luck.

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can you share the screenshot of detail report?


HI Amit,

Detail report is as following:

ID Name of Customer Country Revenue

10 ABC US 100

20 DEF INDIA 200

30 GHI Germany 300

40 JKL UK 400

Now in summary report is just need to show ID as 4, also I have used report level filters to show only ID not have revenue more than 500

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2 Answers

Apr 13 at 02:48 PM

Follow these steps.

Create V revenue dimension variable first.After that use below formula.

=Count([ID]) Where ([V revenue]<500)

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Rohit Mathur Apr 13 at 03:17 PM

Hi Amit,

I tried this where condition but somehow the value disappears, but when i pull country i get the information correct, but with just standalone this variable no value is shown.

Also I have 2 filters so my formulae is like

=Count([ID]) Where ([Country[="US" And [Revenue]>500)

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just add country object in the formula with foreach condition and see.


=Count([ID]) Where ([Country[="US" And [Revenue]>500)foreach([ID])

now this gives me multivalue error


Add country and Revenue as table filter and try


tried the same but no shows empty cell