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Former Member
Sep 27, 2008 at 05:21 AM

standard jobs:how to change class



I have configured 5 bgd process of which 2 class A.

now 3 bgd got occupied.only those 2 class A bgd are there.

then wen we are doing some process (say for eg stms..),..say that process require bgd process..whether that process occupy this class A.beacuse i heared that all std jobs are class B AND CLASS C.

wen we are creating bgd jobs then it is fine i can change to class A so that that job will occupy those class A which i have configured.

but automatic bgd jobs(usually it will be of class B and class c) are created wen we doing sum process.

at that time how to make use of this class A with the automatic jobs created.

Any t code or program to change the std jobs to class A(that i have to change wen it got automatically created not while doing manual process).