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Apr 13, 2018 at 09:06 AM

Transaction MR11SHOW strange behavior


Hi guys,

my scenario and a doubt:

- I have a PO with a GR and I know that the invoice will not arrive anymore

- I run the transaction MR11 to close the GR/IR account and the document Ktop is created

Attention: now the Finance said to me that the document created from MR11 has been cleared.....And then it have run the transaction MR11SHOW which have canceled the document created with MR11 and Finance does not realized why the tr MR11SHOW has been able to reverse a cleared document..They thought that before that document should must have been re-opened before being possible to reverse it by tr MR11SHOW...The doubt is properly this: the tr MR11SHOW does not realize or matter that a document is cleared or not?

I have read OSS Notes 2050268, 783345, 2543471 and the FAQ but I have not found an answer

Thanks a lot for your attention